Alderberry Blum
your country gift store! 

About Us

Alderberry Blum is an exquisite Country Gift store located in Bay Bulls NL. The store is as enchanting as it's namesake. The store consists of four smaller rooms and one main area,all filled with unique items that are perfect for home use and decor,as souvenirs,and the ideal gift you've been looking for no matter what the occasion.Locals who visit the store, as well as those from abroad love the variety of items at their fingertips. There is really something for everyone out there.You can find items for every part of your home - inside and out. When you visit Alderberry Blum you're  sure to be greeted by Christine ( Owner ) and by Sandy ( a long time employee ). Come sit and enjoy a complimentary coffee or tea.

Alderberry Blum has a special room for everyone :

The Newfoundland and Nautical Room - There you can find the gift for the person of your choice. We offer locally made quits,ornaments, birds, stained glass, art, textile art, dishes and so much more.  Our collection of Nautical items such as boats, lighthouses, signs, flags and so much more.

The Country Kitchen has an exquisite collection of country linens such as curtains, tablecloths, place mats, dishtowels, dishcloths, napkins, table runners, etc.,  Country lamps, candles, pictures, dishes, clocks, etc.

The Baby Room - Our baby room has the finest of baby gifts. If you are attending a baby shower, birth, christening or birthday,  we carry beautiful items such as blankets, diaper bags, pictures, frames, beautiful baby soft animals, frames, and keepsake ornaments for baby,  We have a fine collection of Winnie the Pooh letters for baby, Royal Doulton and Bradford Exchange items. 

For Ladies Only" - Here you will find only the latest in women fashion, from newly designer scarfs to the newest in Purses, Designer Hats , fine jewelry and accessories,. 

The Main Shopping Area - Consists of a wonderful display of indoor and outdoor items.  Country as well as Contemporary

Spring and Summer will always bring a collection of arrows and arrow replacements,  fountains, lanterns, tree huggers, flowers, garland, wreaths, indoor and outdoor beautiful ornaments, stars, butterflies, decorative bikes and baskets, flowerpots, flags, and much more.

In the fall, we will showcase a selection of beautiful fall baskets and garland for your home decorating.

Christmas time is a wonderful time at Alderberry Blum.  The lights, the decorating, the smells, so many different ornaments, snowmen, santas, villages, houses, trees, etc.  You will be amazed and filled with the spirit of Christmas. 

We look forward to meeting you at Alderberry Blum 
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